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Kin Kove

Who We Are

We pride ourselves on providing high quality services with a standard of excellence designed to alleviate stress. Our ultimate aim is to minimize the negative impact of separation and divorce on children.


Steven Ferreira – Director

Steven Ferreira began his career in Social Services in 1989 working within secure custody and detention facilities with marginalized and highly stigmatized youth in conflict with the law who experienced various dysfunctional family, community and society relationships. In this environment, Mr. Ferreira refined his behaviour management and clinical skills and demonstrated his ability to coordinate services effectively. In 2012, Mr. Ferreira opened a staffing agency, successfully bringing his expertise and professional excellence to aid him in leading AXIXIS as President.

Kimberly Cato – Clinical Director

Kimberly Cato is a Registered Psychotherapist in Private Practice at True Roots Counselling Services who has worked in Social Services since 1985 with traumatized and vulnerable individuals silenced by stigma, insecurity and fear. Whether it be at-risk youth, people living with HIV/AIDS, Addiction and Mental Health issues, Dementia, Alzheimer's disease or Palliative Care needs, Ms. Cato has fought for human rights, social justice and equality for all–empowering people to find their voice with strategies designed to enable them to be heard. Ms. Cato has been Chaplain for Community-Based Hospice, Team Lead of Case Management Services, and Manager of Peer and Volunteer Initiatives.

Supervision Access Facilitators

Our Supervised Access Facilitators hold BSW degrees, clear VulnerablePerson\Police Criminal Record Check, current First Aid Training and have specific training to ensure they are vigilant and neutral or non-judgmental when documenting visits. The intention is to provide the structure and support necessary to secure the best interest of the child with the child remaining the focus of all visits.

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